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Me and Myrah by Zephyter0

You did an amazing job shading the body and adding a glistening effect to the mane and tail. The body form and positioning is very well put together. The hairstyles conform to the head nicely. The wings are positioned very accurately on the body. The eyes have a very distinct glare.
The ponies' eyes seem to be offset and are staring into the distance. The pony on the left seems to be floating off the ground, and she is also missing a nostril. The nose of the pony on the right is too straight, and the tweak in its' mane at the top doesn't really conform to the rest of the mane.

(Side Note: some of the 'Negatives' I listed may be irrelevant if it was something you intended to be a part of the artwork.)
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Zephyter0 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thanks, Steedi. I intended the lick on my mane, the offset eyes were also slightly intentional. it was supposed to look a little bit more open to the audience, like in theatre. Didn't catch the nostril though, thank you. and the nose on me, i think, is fine. :3 Thank you for the input.
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